Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Service Overview

Just like any motor vehicle you may own, your air conditioners require regular maintenance and servicing. We all think our homes and work spaces are clean and healthy environments and are places where we spend most of our time. When the local air conditioner is turned on and runs, all of these nasty micro organisms floating around in the air get pulled through your air conditioner. Over time they accumulate, multiply and get thrown back out into the air around you. A neglected and well used air conditioner can cause major problems and add to your power consumption resulting in exceptionally high power bills.

Many people suffer from respiratory illness’s such as asthma and air conditioners are excellent triggers, air born virus’s spread very well through A/C systems. When a evaporator coil starts to get restricted by dirty and other debris the potential for mould growth accelerates and this mould becomes air born when the system is running and is not a good environment to be in. Some water cooled systems can develop legionnaires disease if not maintained properly.

The only good part is we are here for you and that’s why a air conditioner or refrigeration system has to be maintained by a qualified service technician. 

We like to break down a maintenance service down into 3 parts.

  1. Cleaning. We remove all the panels of the indoor unit and clean & treat the system for mould, dirt and any other foreign matter. The plastic shell, air passage way & fan barrel are cleaned, the indoor & outdoor coils and condensate pipe are flushed. We try to get the system looking brand new again.
  2. Testing. We carry out electrical tests on the components ie PCB’s and Motors. We also check Refrigerant running pressures, Super-heats & Sub-cooling. An overall COP of the system is calculated. 
  3. Vermin. We look for signs of vermin living with in the system and try remove any before they cause problems. (Common Problem with newer technology)