AC Repairs

AC Repairs

Service Overview

Repairs And Breakdowns

From time to time things do go wrong. There are 101 things that could go wrong with your air conditioner and most of the time its from an external influence. The most common cause is the lack of maintenance. Geckos and vermin can get in there and cause problems by blowing PCB’s, chewing through duct work and cables & blocking drains. Some parts do fail with age which is contributed to by the quality of the installation and its service history. Rubber and plastic perish over time which could cause noise issues with your system. Other issues we come across is the quality of the unit, some brands just don’t seem to go the distance compared to others.

If you do get regular maintenance done on your air conditioner most of these can be picked up before they become costly. At Domestic Air we have the know how to get you back up and running again as soon as possible, and know when its just not worth spending the money on getting it repaired.

Things to check before getting us out

  1. The batteries in the remote are good!
  2. The system is on the correct mode on the remote!
  3. You have given the system a good 10 minutes to do “something”.

If we cant work out what is wrong with your system we wont charge you!


Safety switches, RCD’s and Circuit Breakers don’t switch off for no reason. If yours controlling the air conditioner has gone off its best to get the system checked out. Don’t turn it back on and hope everything will be fine. This could leaf to further damage of other components in your system and put you and your loved ones at risk.
Electricity is dangerous